David Asscherick Sermon – The War Behind All Wars (Christ v. Satan)

David Asscherick presents a sermon on the first ever war and how it led to all these wars we see. A very powerful and touching  sermon! The great controversy also impacts lifestyle issues. Knowing that Satan is playing a high-stakes game with eternal consequences as he attempts to gain our loyalty, we choose to guard what we read, watch, and listen to, as well as safeguard how we spend our time and money.

Sabbaths are an eagerly awaited weekly appointment allowing us to spend time with the One with whom we have chosen to spend eternity. Even our activities during the sacred hours of the Sabbath are important to us because we want nothing to distract our thoughts during our worship of Him.

We return our tithe and freely give our offerings as we joyfully acknowledge God’s ownership of all our possessions and His many undeserved blessings. These, and so many other things that we lovingly choose to do, are influenced by our understanding of the soon-to-end cosmic controversy between Christ and Satan. Although the battle still rages, even now we can choose the side on which we want to belong.

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