But There Is Hope

“A direct hit!” crackled the loudspeaker. ” Every man to his station. Use all emergency measures!” But the ocean poured  through the mangled hull  with a deafening roar. Those who could, escaped overboard. An explosion, a shudder, and the proud warship slid beneath the waves. For a moment silence covered the sea. Then the fight for survival continued. A few swam toward the distant shore, some clung to floating debris, and others found life rafts.

In a short time help came and with it rescue equipment. The divers probed the depths and found more men – some dead, some alive. Then from the deep in the vessel the workmen heard a strange tapping. They listened. It sounded like someone trying to attract their attention. Yes, it was! It was the Morse code. Carefully they spelled out the words the unknown man below was trying to get through- “I-S  T-H-E-R-E  H-O-PE?” Hope-that was what the man trapped in the terrifying silence below wanted more than anything else in the worl-hope-the hope of a way out!

Hope – a way out of its present baffling impasse-is what our confused, chaotic, lost world needs. Is such hope to be found? If so, where?

Paul tells us that we “might grasp the hope that he holds out to us. His hope, …..the utterly reliable anchor for our souls.” (Hebrews 6:18, Philips.) Paul also reveals the source of such hope. “Yes, Christ in you bringing with him the hope of all glorious things to come.” Colossians 1:27 Phillips.

There is hope. Through the shadows and the tears we can still trace the form of the only One who gives us hope for today, tomorrow, and forever. It is for us to decide that even though things go wrong, we can rise above them.

Listen to the certainty of Peter’s hope: “So brace up your minds, and, as men who know what they are doing, rest the full weight of your hope on the grace that will be yours when Jesus Christ reveals himself.” 1 Peter 1:13, Phillips.

Pause and study Watt’s great picture called “Hope.” A woman stands alone upon the round earth-blindfolded. In her hands she holds a harp on which all but one string have snapped. Above her, in the semidarkness, one little star shines. She is playing her harp, still making music.

This is hope. We may have lost almost everything in life, but we can go on making the most of what is left.

We may have lost money-money perhaps saved with great care and self denial for the expenses of old age. It has been swept away. What of it? It was nothing but money. Some may have lost health. No greater disaster can come upon anyone. Yet many in the world have in spit of burdened, sick bodies played rich and noble music upon strings that are left. Money, health, happiness, may seem to have fled, but some strings are still left, one star still gleams in the darkened sky.

An author who met and conquered many difficulties writes, “None need abandon themselves to discouragement and despair. Satan may come to you with cruel suggestion,  “Yours is a hopeless case. You are irredeemable.” But there is hope for you in Christ. God does not bid us overcome in our own strength. He asks us to come close to His side. Whatever difficulties we labor under, which weigh down soul and body, He waits to make us free.” – The Ministry of  Healing, p.249.

Many times angels work through human beings to bring hope, joy, and peace to the sick or suffering. Those who receive such help are doubly blessed. Many find health again-the uncertain step becomes buoyant, dull eyes sparkle, despondency becomes joy, complaining turns to gratitude. The hopeless one finds hope.

“May the God of hope fill you with joy and peace in your faith, that by the power of the Holy Spirit, your whole life and outlook may be radiant with hope.” Romans 15:13, Phillips.

Hope? Yes! For today-and for tomorrow.

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