Relationship Between Grace and Law

After the happy ending to my experience with the traffic patrolman, do you think I drove through all traffic lights that were against me that morning? Do you suppose I reasoned, ” Well, I have been pardoned, I am under grace now; I don’t to worry about the law anymore”? Did the fact that I was under grace free me from the laws of the city afterward.

I can assure you that no such reasoning muddled my thinking that day. Because the officer had so kindly pardoned me, because I was “under grace” as it were, I drove more carefully than before. I observed the traffic laws more strictly than ever. I was thankful I had escaped punishment through the kindness of a patrolman to an out-of-town drive.

Now how does this work in the Christian’s journey to the kingdom? When he is “under grace,” does this provide license to disregard the claims of the law? Let us note what Paul has to say about it:

“Now what is our response to be?” the apostle asks. “Shall we sin to our heart’s content and see how far we can exploit the grace of God? What a ghastly thought! We, who have died to sin – how could we live in sin a moment longer?” Romans 6:1,2, Phillips.

“Sin is the transgression of the law.” 1 John 3:4. Grace is the unlimited favor God extends to the repentant sinner. In the light of these Scriptural truths we could read Paul’s words, without doing them violence, thus: “Shall we continue to break the law that grace may abound? God forbid!” Inspiration makes it plain that grace does not provide license to disregard the Ten Commandmentt. Rather, it makes us under more obligation than ever before to keep our lives in harmony with His law because of His grace and goodness.

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