History of Seventh Adventist Church Hymnals

For those interested in the history of Seventh day Adventist Church Music, please find below copies of our old hymnals starting from the first one that was first published in 1869.

1. Hymns and Tunes For Those Who Keep The Commandments of God and The Faith of Jesus 1876. Publisher Battle Creek, Mich. : Steam Press of the Seventh-Day Adventist Publishing Association. Pages 428. Language: English.

2.The Seventh-day Adventist Hymn and Tune Book (Hymns and Tunes) 1886.

3.Christ in Song (1908). Franklin Edson Belden popularly known by his initials F.E Belden was the compiler. He was one of Adventist most prolific hymn writers and his songs continue to bless the Seventh day Adventist Church to this day. You can find some of his compositions in this hymnal as well.

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