How To Vote As A Christian and Should Christians be Active in Politics -Dwight Nelson’s Sermon

Dr Dwight Nelson, senior pastor of the Pioneer Memorial Church at Andrews University in the US preaches on whether it is alright for a Christian to become actively involved in politics.  Can we use the fact that people like Daniel participated in a pagan government as a licence to indulge full throttle in politics? He further discusses the principles should guide a Christian when casting his votes in political elections. The video below discusses these issues in depth and it is really an eye opener.

“The Adventist attitude toward civic and public affairs seems to be that the genuine Adventist is primarily a citizen of the heav­enly kingdom, established upon principles outlined in the Bible. The true Christian is a converted man, an ambassador from God to men.

The Christian’s chief program for na­tional and international betterment is the spiritual gospel, which links man to Christ and liberates man from his dependence upon social and civic measures. The true Adventist is not of this world; he is swiftly on his way out. Yet, while passing through he seeks to attract other men to the heav­enly kingdom by translating its divine principles into human action.

As a part of this, the true Christian will aid in the proper promotion of sensible plans for the extension of health, for the realization of religious and other proper freedoms, for the relief of want and fear, and for the pacific stability of the social and political order. Peace among men and peace among nations are among his personal concerns. Justice is one of his aims.

Under appropriate conditions the Ad­ventist may cast his vote, or refrain from voting, as his deliberate judgment suggests. He will condemn no one who, under full consciousness of the spirit and doctrines of Christ, may decide to devote parts of his talents and time to the giving of sensible leadership to his local or national or world community.

On the other hand, the true Christian will weigh matters calmly, con­duct himself with the strictest rectitude and dignity, ever seeking to be fully and impartially informed, and in all aspects of his functions always seek to discharge first, and at all costs, his ambassadorial obliga­tions as a personal representative of Christ among his fellow men”. Leif Kr. Tobiassen, 1968

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