3ABN Endtime Prophecy: The Remnant – Video Sermon by Stephen Bohr

http://www.christiansermonsandmusicvideos.com/ The Remnant, a video sermon by Stephen Bohr at the 2013 3ABN Campmeeting. The end-time remnant is described in Revelation as having a God-given mission and a
particular message to the whole world. They are to call the people of God to come out of
Babylon, that is to say, to join the historical, faithful and visible end-time remnant of God. In a
more concrete way the eschatological remnant grows as those coming out of Babylon join it. At
the final polarization of the human race there will be two clearly identifiable groups: Those who
are “called, chosen and faithful followers” of the Lamb (17:14) and the dwellers of the earth who
worship the dragon and the beast (13:4). The first group could be called the eschatological
remnant, also referred to as “saints,” that is to say, those who belong to the Lord (13:10; 14:12),
and “those who would not worship the image of the beast” (13:15). The eschatological remnant
will not only be a historical entity faithful to the Lamb, but also fully visible–that is to say,
without an invisible dimension to it.
It is that group that faces in a very special way the wrath of the dragon who will attempt to
kill “all who refused to worship the image” (13:15). At such an hour the eschatological remnant
finds refuge on Mount Zion, protected by God and the Lamb (14:1-5). It is this group of
believers who are able to stand firm before the Lord at the second coming to welcome their
Savior (6:17; 7:1-4). The previous chart summarizes the gathering of the eschatological remnant
according to the book of Revelation. http://youtu.be/_aj4_k91-D0

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