3ABN: The Holy Spirit and Revival and Finished Work – Video Sermon by Mark Finley

http://www.christiansermonsandmusicvideos.com/ The Holy Spirit and Revival and Finished Work, Video Sermon by Mark Finley. We love to talk about the promise in Joel 2:28, 29: sons and daughters prophesying, old men dreaming, servants Spirit-anointed. But what’s the power for? Why do we pray for latter-rain power? What do we think it will accomplish? A ripened harvest? Not primarily. The harvest is already ripe, Jesus declared; we should pray for laborers. Stirred-up laborers then, His sleeping church? Now, that sounds good! Like hooking up to heaven’s jumper cables for one final jolt of power! Like latter-rain energy propelling us from rocking chairs out into the world with the final message! Perhaps.

Before we settle back in those rockers to wait for the rain, let us ask ourselves: Could not God pour out His Spirit on a sleeping church? Could He not suddenly and powerfully speak through dozing saints to call the world to repentance? He spoke through Balaam’s donkey. He can make stones cry out.

But is that the planet’s need? Talking animals, crying stones, sleep-talking saints? Remember, the talking donkey didn’t convert Balaam, and the promise of shouting stones didn’t convert the Jewish leaders. Besides, might it be that our nodding and dozing actually robs us of the rain? Too late we may discover that the outpouring of the Holy Spirit was taking place all around us, and we didn’t even notice.

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