3ABN : History and Mission

How 3ABN (Three Angels Broadcasting Network) Began

3ABN is a private Christian broadcasting network based in Illinois in the United States. It was founded by Danny Shelton and his family in the 1980s.

You cannot read or hear about the history of the Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) and not be impressed that the Lord was leading in its formation. It is a story of miracle after miracle that finally led to a full blown television network.

Danny Shelton had been a regular feature with some Christian television stations where he sang gospel music with his daughter, Melody. Being an Adventist he felt that God was being misrepresented at times on these stations and longed to find a way to express God’s love to the world.

Danny Shelton says he later, 1984 to be precise, started feeling strong impressions “build a television station that would reach the world with the undiluted three angels’ messages [of Revelation 14]. One that would counteract the counterfeit.”

You have to understand that at this time Danny Shelton was just a carpenter with no knowledge whatsoever about broadcasting or communications. He had no qualification whatsoever in broadcasting or communication.

In spite of this lack of knowledge in broadcasting Danny Shelton began exploring ways of establishing a Christian broadcasting station.

One of the first contributors to the project was a Pentecostal pastor friend of Danny Shelton, Hal Steenson. Danny had told him about the impressions he had to start a Christian television station.

Hal had some television equipment. Hal informed Danny someone had offered to buy this equipment but he too had had impressions to keep the equipment. He later offered this equipment to Daniel.

Later Danny Shelton began visiting churches telling them about his vision for a television station which resulted in more people catching the vision.

One of the people who caught this vision , Mrs Fonda Summers donated 2 acres of land in Thompsonville, Illinois for the construction of the station.

It later turned out that this was perhaps the best remaining place that had a clean sweep of every satellite in the horizon. The technician who conducted the microwave signal interference study actually told Danny that this was probably one of the only sites left in all of southern Illinois.

This is however not the last miracle as there are more. A few days later from this study Danny had a conversation with as station engineer of a local Christian television station. This engineer, Clarence Larson after introducing himself to Danny pulled him aside and said,“I don’t know why I’m telling you this, but I believe a satellite uplink station could be built here in southern Illinois out in the Thompsonville area.” Apparently Clarence shared this information when he was not aware of Danny’s vision for a television station. God still intervenes in human affairs if we let him.

From then on Clarence started helping Danny in realising his dream. Later on Clarence realised that to run the station they would need a three phase power. He also realised that the cost of running lines from the main road to the station would be very prohibitive. However upon investigation he found out that there were three phase power line just a few hundred feet away from the station.

When Danny contacted the power company and asked them why those lines were running through open fields away from factories the company said they had no idea. It looks to me that the Lord who knows the future had made sure that everything would be available when needed.

Danny continued to move forward in faith and God continued to open doors for him. Funds began arriving to meet their needs.

For instance a satellite uplink dish manufacturer agreed to begin building a nearly $400,000 satellite dish with only $10,000 down payment, and over the next few months, studio and office facilities were built and equipment was purchased and installed—without incurring any debt!

As Danny moved forward in faith, the doors continued to open. A satellite uplink dish manufacturer agreed to begin building a nearly $400,000 satellite dish with only $10,000 down payment, and over the next few months, studio and office facilities were built and equipment was purchased and installed—without incurring any debt!

Amazingly, on November 23, 1986, just over two years after Danny had been impressed to build it, Three Angels Broadcasting Network began to broadcast on satellite.

Growth of 3ABN

Three Angels Broadcasting has now grown to include even more channels that include 3ABN, 3ABN Latino, 3ABN Proclaim!, 3ABN Russia, Dare to Dream Network, 3ABN Kids Network, and 3ABN Français.

3ABN Latino caters for the growing Hispanic population in the United States of America an in southern

3abn, 3abn management

3ABN Founder And Some Staff Members

America. It broadcasts in Spanish and portuguese.


3ABN Français caters for the French speaking world from all over the world and broadcasts its program in French.

In 1993 3ABN Russia also began to produce Russian language programs that now air on 150 television stations and three satellites  that cover the entire former Soviet Union.

The network has been involved in various evangelism efforts and the 3ABN Russia arose as a result of 3ABN sponsored evangelistic meeting with Australian evangelist, John Carter in Russia. The station was created to take care of these new converts that came out of these evangelistic meeting.

3ABN has also created dedicated channels for kids that now provide programs targeting toddlers.

The network is now able to cover the whole world with satellite television programming and radio networks.

One can now watch 3abn online using the Roku streaming TV and media player connected to your TV. If you have broadband in your area, this is probably the easiest and cheapest way to watch 3ABN

3ABN Program Overview

Three Angels Broadcasting Network offers a wide variety of Christian programming, 24 hours a day. Believing a healthy mind promotes a healthy spiritual life, 3ABN considers health programming to be of particular importance. Programs are designed to bring the viewers important information on medical and lifestyle issues such as cancer prevention, diabetes, and heart disease. A stop smoking clinic runs continually for those who wish to break their addiction to nicotine, while other programs deal with issues such as drug and alcohol recovery. Vegetarian cooking programs feature recipes showing viewers how to cook with less added fat, salt, and sugar.

A variety of family-oriented programs address everything from child development to parenting, and children’s programming teaches them important values and life skills.

3ABN’s Biblical programs address topics ranging from current Christian concerns to Bible prophecy seminars. Weekend church services meet the needs of those unable to attend their local church, and other programs address viewer questions on Bible topics.

The flagship program, 3ABN Today, airs daily and features interviews with guests from around the world, as well as a variety of musical artists.

For more information, visit our Contact Us page, call 3ABN at 618-627-4651, or by writing to 3ABN, P.O. Box 220, West Frankfort, IL 62896.


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