Armageddon And The Seven Last Plagues – Pastor Brian McMahon 3ABN video A video sermon on the biblical book of revelation prophecies on the battle of Armageddon and the seven last plagues by Pastor Brian McMahon. It’s easy to think that the battle of Armageddon doesn’t have much to do with you and me. However, Armageddon is simply the final battle in a war that’s been going on ever since time began on our planet. And it isn’t just a war for control of our planet. It’s a war for the control of your mind and mine. Satan and Jesus are both trying to win us to their side. For thousands of years, Satan has tried desperately to compel people to join his side. He especially uses earth’s political powers to try to force us into yielding to him.

Jesus will never do that. Those who join His side will do so by their own free choice, unfettered by any compulsion on His part. The issue in the conflict is whose side we will join. It will be too late to make a choice when Armageddon is fought. Those who are on the winning side in earth’s final battle will be those who are choosing to be on the winning side right now. It’s a choice Jesus invites you and me to make today. Which side are you choosing to be on during the battle of Armageddon?

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