Revelation’s End Time Remnant – Mark Finley Video Sermon Revelation’s End time Remnant – Mark Finley Video Sermon at the Fall 2011 3ABN Campmeeting. According to Revelation, the end-time remnant is identifiable, visible. It possesses some specific characteristics. First, they keep the commandments of God (12:17; 14:12). The reference is primarily to the Decalogue. The central issue in this conflict concerns the question of worship: whom should humans worship (14:7)? Since the law of God was altered (see Dan. 7:25), it is necessary to restore it. The seventh-day Sabbath is to be reinstated in the Decalogue. Humans need to understand that apostasy opens up the church to further demonic deception (Rev. 13:13, 14; 16:13, 14). The remnant, relying on God’s grace, keep His commandments. Second, they have the testimony of Jesus (Rev. 12:17). The testimony of Jesus is identified with the gift of prophecy (19:10). The spiritual gifts, including the gift of prophecy, should be found among God’s end-time remnant people. The gift of prophecy was powerfully and specifically manifested among us in the ministry of Ellen G. White, even though we still anticipate a glorious fulfillment of Joel 2:28, 29.

The remnant is also characterized by having the faith of Jesus (Rev. 14:12), that is to say, embracing the teachings of Jesus based on a faith commitment to Him. It is the responsibility of God’s end-time people to call the world back to the scriptural teachings of Jesus and His apostles. Finally, the remnant has the patience of the saints (14:12). “Patience” here means “endurance.” At a time when deception prevails and apostasy appears to prevail, the remnant resist the constant attacks of the enemy and remain committed to the beloved Savior.

Mission of the Remnant: But the remnant also have a particular mission, and it corresponds to the mission of the Adventist movement (Rev. 14:6-12). At the center of their proclamation is the eternal gospel. It needs to be heard again at the close of the conflict in the context of the final judgment. They call humans to worship God the Creator, not the dragon and its allies (14:7). It is part of their mission to proclaim that the apostasy of the Christian world will reach global dimensions but that it will not be able to deliver the salvation it promised. It will finally collapse under its own weight of deception (14:8). The remnant announce that those who worship the beast and who identify with the agenda that it promotes will experience defeat (14:9-11). Through the remnant, God is gathering His people from every tribe, people, and tongue. The characteristics listed above as well as the mission we just discussed define who we are and identify the Adventist movement with the historical and faithful remnant of God.

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