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The main reason for the existence of this site is the sharing of Adventist Sermons from all over the word. It is my intention to include on this site the best SDA sermons from some of the most talented preachers in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The sermon will cover various issues affecting the Adventist church.There will be sermons tackling various Adventist doctrines, family matters, child rearing etc.

Like any church the Adventist church also has its challenges when it comes to doctrines and interpretation. They have both  the conservative or  liberal wings of the church. This is to be expected in any grouping of human beings.

There are for instance people who believe that no cooking should take place on the Sabbath while there are some who believe that it is okay to cook. There are some who take the position that
even bathing should not take place on the Sabbath.

All these factions are represented in the SDA sermons that I intend to post on this blog. I believe that mature Christians should be able to respectfully disagree on issues and even learn from each
other. This was the case in the bible on issues such as circumcision and should be the case now.

The debates can be intense as seen in the book of Acts of the Apostles but as long as we respect other peoples opinions on issues and are open to new truths we should be okay. I believe that God
respects our sincerely held positions on issues even in cases where we may be sincerely wrong.

I have gone for the best preachers in the Adventist church. We will have for example preachers such as Walter Pearson Jr, the late CD Brooks, Dwight Nelson, Doug Batchelor etc.

We will therefore have all sorts of flavors when it comes to the sermons. If you love African American American preaching you will have them . If you are a fan of white American preaching you
will have that too.

If you are into soft preaching you will find them here and if you like loud preaching you will get that too. We recognize that people have different tastes even when it comes to the word of

God recognizes our different tastes as well and that is why we have four gospels to meet different tastes. You only have to read the gospels to find out that their personality is evident in their writings even though they were all inspired by the same Holy Spirit.

The Central Tenet of SDA Sermons.

As noted in the image below the Adventist message is cross centered. They take sola scriptura seriously and believe that all their teachings should be bible based.

SDA sermons

Central Theme of SDA Sermons

Adventist also see themselves as part of the end time remnant mentioned in Revelation 14 called upon to spread the three angels’ messages. They see themselves as God’s messengers to warn the world of the coming judgment and to call all people to come out of Babylon.

Adventist see Babylon as represented by the church which has had its message corrupted by paganism. They call the world to abandon these teachings that have come into the church from paganism and return to the pure teachings of the word of God.

Among pagan teachings that have come into the church include Sunday worship. In paganism Sunday is the day when pagans worship the sun. I am of course mindful of the fact that some Christians will take issue with this statement as some sincerely believe that they go to church on Sunday because that is the day that Christ arose from the dead.

I will however contend that you only have to go through the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and paganism to see so many similarities. In fact the bible warned that the Church would abandon its its teachings in favor of pagan teachings.

Preaching has played a significant part in the spread of Christianity. It was the instrument that the apostles used in spread the gospel in Jerusalem and Asia minor.

The other things such as the healing ministry were there just to confirm in the minds of the listeners the veracity of the message. There is simply no effective substitute if any exist for preaching and one to one evangelism.

The bible says faith comes by hearing. How can they believe if they haven’t heard? The message has to be shared to be believed.

African American Preaching in the SDA

If you are looking for powerful SDA sermons and a bit of noise then the predominantly African American churches are the ones for you. You know we Africans are on the whole emotional people and that shows in our preaching as well.

For Africans preaching is a two way street with the audience coming in at certain points if they strongly agree with some points. You should therefore expect to hear words such as “preach on brother” “Tell them” “Tell us” from the congregation.

There is also a bit of freedom from the congregants as people are free to stand and cheer on the preacher.

I know this can be seen as lack of reverence by some of our brothers but we enjoy it and try to control the emotions.

Some of our well known African American preachers include, Walter Pearson Jr, CD Brooks, EE Cleveland, Calvin B Rock, Charles Bradford etc.

Caucasian American Adventist Preaching

If you are someone interested in a lecture like preaching then the Caucasian churches are the right ones for you. We have so many Adventist preachers who will present the truths we have in a way that will appeal to your taste.

Seventh day Adventists being a minority have learnt how to defend their positions much better than most christian churches. They have had to study the reasons for holding the positions that they hold in midst of fierce opposition. They are also open to exploring new teachings and to review their doctrines if necessary.

If you are looking for some of our best Caucasian expositors of the word, then preachers such as Dwight Nelson, Stephen Bohr, Doug Batchelor, Kenneth Cox, Mark Finley etc are some of the preachers you can listen to and watch on this blog.

Lastly but not least I urge you to watch the SDA sermons that we have on this site to form an independent opinion of the Seventh day Adventist teachings. At the end of the day we are all responsible for our destiny not some professor of religion, or your pastor or priest.

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