Bible Doctrines

But for the Grace of God….

One morning a well known British preacher waas strolling along a London street with a friend. In the gutter  of the street along which they were walking lay a poor shell of humanity. His hair and beard were matted, giving evidence that he had long been a stranger to soap and water. His eyes were bleary and bloodshot, his nose ... Read More »

The Meaning of Grace

Very early on a rainy morning, before the sun was up, I was entering the suburbs of a Southern city. The traffic light was amber as I was about to enter the intersection, so I drove right on through. Evidently the amber became red before I had cleared the intersection, for very shortly my wife nudged me. ” A patrol ... Read More »

Relationship Between Grace and Law

After the happy ending to my experience with the traffic patrolman, do you think I drove through all traffic lights that were against me that morning? Do you suppose I reasoned, ” Well, I have been pardoned, I am under grace now; I don’t to worry about the law anymore”? Did the fact that I was under grace free me ... Read More »

Signs of Christ’s Coming

A few years ago in the northern part of the Belgian Congo we had car trouble, and I waited in a little park on the shore of Lake Albert while the repairs were made. The government administrator of a large nearby district happened along, and soon we chatted as amiably as his spoken English and my thirty word French vocabulary ... Read More »

New Testament References to Christ’s Second Coming

“I will come again.” (See John 14:1-3.) The New Testament rings with this promise of  Jesus, for it mentioned 318 times in 260 chapters – an average of one verse in every twenty-five. While under oath before Caiaphas, the Jewish high priest, Jesus gave assurance of His return: “I say unto you, Hereafter shall ye see the Son of man ... Read More »

Will We Recognize Each Other In Heaven?

“Aren’t you the speaker on the Bible Auditorium of the Air broadcast over WHN?” The question startled me, for, after all, New York City has several million people, and out of all those millions how could the operator of a newsstand recognize me when I had merely asked for the evening paper? “Oh, I listen to you every day,” he ... Read More »

Christ Second Coming- A Family Reunion Soon

By Robert Pierson. In December, 1966 we had a family reunion at our home in Washington, D.C. For the first time both of our sons and their families were all with us. It was a blessed experience to be together. Mrs. Pierson and I had looked forward  to and planned for this day. How wonderful to have all the children ... Read More »