Tutankhamun’s Treasures: Christian Archaeology Documentary Video

A video documentary programme on Ancient Egypt most famous Pharaoh known as Tutankhamun’s Treasures by Christian Australian Archaeologist David Down Below is a transcript of this video documentary A discovery in 1922 of the tomb of the boy king Tutankhaman, was one of the most exciting discoveries in the history of archaeology. The only tomb of a Pharaoh found intact up ... Read More »

Winged Bulls Of Assyria :Christian Documentary

A video documentary titled Winged Bulls Of Assyria by Australian archaeologist David Down. Below is a transcript of this christian documentary Today’s program begins in my home country London to be precise at Westminster Abbey, where they buried England’s great. Well, not everyone quite made it into the Abbey, so they were buried in St. Margaret’s Chapel nearby. That’s where David ... Read More »

Pyramids of Egypt ; Christian Documentary (David Down)

Archaeologist David Down presents a documentary on the pyramids of Egypt and relates them to bible stories about the Israelites in Egypt. I’m standing in front of the greatest pyramid in the land of Egypt. It was built by Pharaoh Khufu or if you prefer his Greek name, Cheops of the fourth dynasty. Experts and scholars still wonder today at ... Read More »