Now We See Through A Glass Darkly

A little London urchin was left in the care of a hard drinking woman after his parents were killed in an accident. Beaten and cursed, the little fellow had to beg in the streets, and only pleasure the child knew was ‘window shopping.’ He loved to look longingly in the windows and see the breathtaking toys, the warm clothes, the ... Read More »

Strange Ideas About Death

Years ago in India a Jain monk came to visit me in a travelers’ bungalow. Over the lower part of his face he wore a thin cotton mask; and as he walked up the roadway, he used a small broom to brush the pathway ahead of him. The Jains, a branch of the Hindu religion, believer in transmigration of the ... Read More »

“Therefore Be Ye Also Ready”

The town of South Shields on the north coast of England has as its motto, “Always Ready.” The words appear on a shield with a lifeboat on the community’s coat of arms. South Shields was the first English town to inaugurate the plan of having lifeboats on the coast to help those in need. For every Christian who is looking ... Read More »

Hebrews Chapter 12 Video Bible Study Part 1

Book of Hebrews Chapter 12 video bible study Part 1. Click here for the study on Hebrews chapter 11.   Transcript of this study on Hebrews chapter 12: 00:21 Hello friends, I am your co-host James Rafferty with Ty Gibson 00:24 and this is Books Of the Book. 00:26 We are in Hebrews Chapter 12, and we want to invite ... Read More »

Christ Came to Set an Example

“You must not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets;  I have not come to abolish them but to complete them. Indeed, I assure you that, while Heaven and earth last, the Law will not lose a single dot or comma until its purpose is complete.” In these words Phillips translates Matthew 5:17, 18. The ... Read More »

Freed From The Law

“None of the old law for me,” the man declared indiginantly. “I am free from the old bondage. I want you to know that the blood of Christ makes me free!” I was a bit taken aback by the outburst, but because I had heard such theology propounded before, I was not too surprised when my new acquaintance erupted with ... Read More »

But for the Grace of God….

One morning a well known British preacher waas strolling along a London street with a friend. In the gutter  of the street along which they were walking lay a poor shell of humanity. His hair and beard were matted, giving evidence that he had long been a stranger to soap and water. His eyes were bleary and bloodshot, his nose ... Read More »

The Meaning of Grace

Very early on a rainy morning, before the sun was up, I was entering the suburbs of a Southern city. The traffic light was amber as I was about to enter the intersection, so I drove right on through. Evidently the amber became red before I had cleared the intersection, for very shortly my wife nudged me. ” A patrol ... Read More »

Relationship Between Grace and Law

After the happy ending to my experience with the traffic patrolman, do you think I drove through all traffic lights that were against me that morning? Do you suppose I reasoned, ” Well, I have been pardoned, I am under grace now; I don’t to worry about the law anymore”? Did the fact that I was under grace free me ... Read More »

Signs of Christ’s Coming

A few years ago in the northern part of the Belgian Congo we had car trouble, and I waited in a little park on the shore of Lake Albert while the repairs were made. The government administrator of a large nearby district happened along, and soon we chatted as amiably as his spoken English and my thirty word French vocabulary ... Read More »